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How do Estates Services work
The "usual" process:

  1. Determine a realtor (happy to provide referrals!) and estate company (that's us!).

  2. Once the estate deal is determined, Take Heart empties the property by the deadline.

  3. Then, work with a realtor make arrangements for deep cleaning and landscape work.

  4. Have realtor photograph and list the house!  Public viewings can begin!

What do I need to do in order to be ready?

  1. Get any legal paperwork in order that indicates you have the authority to sell.

  2. Take or clearly mark the items that you (or loved ones) want to keep.

  3. Call us to come for a visit and discuss options. (Ideally Step 1 and Step 2 are already done when we come!)

That's it!  

You don't need to clean. We've seen it all -- hoarder to minimalist. Our job is to take away the stress of estate liquidation.

You don't need to throw things away -- in fact, we prefer that you don't. We will dispose of anything unsellable. Sometimes people don't realize what has value.


You don't have to be onsite. Some people want to and that's fine. But more often, we work with realtors or have other special arrangements for access.


You don't have to "pre-sell" items -- in fact, the more high value items there are, the more we are interested.

Our job is to make estate liquidation as easy as possible for you!

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