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What are the different methods of liquidating an estate?

So glad you asked! There are a variety of ways to clear out an estate. We have listed each along with their "pros" here (and we can talk about "cons" in person.) Based on our experience, the final numbers are all in the same ballpark. It comes down to a conversation about your specific needs and what our experience suggests is the best way to clean out your property.

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Take Heart Estates offers a flat fee for the entire estate contents or a specific portion of the estate (i.e., the barn, the shed, the garage.) We often begin packing up as soon as the deal is made.


For distressed properties, a variation of the "buyout" is a "trashout" -- Take Heart will salvage anything saleable, and you pay us to remove the contents that don't have value.

Big advantage: Cleans out a property very quickly. This is our most common option.


Onsite Estate Sale

Take Heart Estates coordinates an estate sale by marketing, prepping, pricing, and executing the sale.

Big advantage: Can place a specific price on items. Sometimes realtors like estate sales because many people get to see the property.


Moving Items to Auction

Take Heart Estates moves estate contents to our auction house to sell items in an upcoming auction.

Big advantage: Get to use the auction process for selling.


Onsite Auction

Take Heart Estates coordinates an onsite auction for a percentage of total or a flat fee.  This option has some logistical requirements.

Big advantage:  Get to use the auction process without moving the items.  AND, at the end of the auction, everything is gone!


"Mary is as genuine and caring about others as they come! Smart, savvy & creative business gal and
has given her gifts of time and talent to worthy causes."

- Gail M, local businesswoman

"Mary Peterson is honest, humble, kind and trustworthy. She is a woman of admirable integrity and
I am grateful to have been able to do business with her."

- Christy D, customer

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