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Learn about the owners of the Auction House
photo of Mary (the owner of auction house)
The Owner - Mary

Mary has been a professional "junker" for 10 years, buying and selling in her store, in pop-up markets, via auctions / swap meets / estate sales / online / yard sales, and more! She grew up in a family who loves a good side hustle - making furniture to sell at the swap meet, baking cinnamon rolls to sell at the farmers market, and recycling cans at the junkyard.  So, the passion and hustle runs deep!


Mary has been in various leadership roles that support the business side of Take Heart - serving on the Chamber of Commerce, running a non-profit housing community for pregnant women, marketing lots of events, coaching start-ups, and more. Big passions include community organizing, road trips, vintage treasures, and metal art. She lights up at a good yard sale and has been known to plan vacations around an awesome flea market.  She lived her childhood years in Willcox and returned to her hometown after many years in big cities.  


Mary is a creative soul and loves breathing new life into forgotten things.

Learn more about Mary on her LinkedIn.

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What's in a Name?

"Take Heart" is an old-school phrase from the Bible meaning "Be encouraged" or "Gather up your courage." People needing estate services are often in high stress situations -- death, moving, transition -- and the name is an encouragement to keep going. Mary has long collected hearts -- both trinkets and friendships! -- and the phrase has ushered her through difficult seasons! It's a constant call to be encouraged! Take heart, dear soul! All will be well in the end!

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